Cumartesi, Şubat 11, 2006

Wine Tasting Class ?!!

Yes I know, it is hard to understand but there is a wine tasting class here. (Yes, I know where am I and still that is the case!) And I am seriously considering taking the class with a friend.

I asked myself why? and get these results :
  • I like wine.
  • I recently watched Sideways.
  • I am so close to Wine Country, and class has a one field trip.
  • I need to bring my own wine glass to the lectures :). I think it will be a good practice. After bringing my own calculator to bla bla bla for years, now I will have my own wine glass to bring. Even I may feel like a non-engineering student for a quarters time. So cool!
  • Knowing how to taste wine may be a good idea.
  • There will be a lot of people like me, with similar interests.
And, as I said previosuly one of my friends also thinking about this class. So, I think I have enough reasons, eh.

So, wait for me beatiful Vineyards of the country, eh.

PS:Don't ask me what is "eh", even I do not know what it is. :)

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Random hi, to my anonymous commenter. Take care, eh. (: