Pazar, Şubat 26, 2006

*my* Digital Camera and Luck

(This is a continuation from "How to Buy a new Digital Camera and Fate".)

I received my camera 2 days ago. First hear this more interesting story. I was tracking my package from internet. And at about 6:55 pm, I saw my packaged delivered at 6:20 pm. I was like WHAAAT? I look in front of my apartments door, and voila my package was there. What kind of world are we leaving on? The delivery guy, did not knock my door but instead left the package there. I have learnt that there was a package, in front of my door from the internet. All madness...

Beyond this, my luck went good again with this camera issue. Amazon just gave an offer for a memory card with a purchase of a Canon camera. I send them an e-mail and they let me use this offer, although I bought my camera before this offer. (I ordered a Viking 1GB SD memory card, waiting for it now. Instead of listening the door for the delivery guy, I am just more frequently checking the tracking web site!) (And now, they listed out both the camera and the offer, am I one of the lucky persons who saw them together in 2 days period???)

I really did not have enough time to play with the camera. It has a two hundred sth. long manual, and too many features to learn. And definitely I am not going to read it. I can learn by myself.

If I somehow learn how to shoot good photos, you can see more picture postings on this blog.

And as a final remark, in the future -but not in the near future- you can expect too see some amateur photography related posts here, as my skills improve. Hopefully...

To be continued...(not in the near future!)

Bye Bye.

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Adsız dedi ki...

i bought the sd450 for my parents a few days ago. :)


Adsız dedi ki...

We want photos. Show us photos please


Adsız dedi ki...

We want photos. Show us photos please


Ir77 dedi ki...

To SK:

I am really conservative against sharing pictures publicly. - You can call me paranoid! - Still, I am planning to post some pictures starting from next week.

I have not recognized your initials, but if I know you, I may privately send you some pictures.

To h:

We still do not have a picture with you, and both of us have new cameras. We *should* have some. :)

Adsız dedi ki...

it is me man sakkaro, are u kidding?