Pazar, Şubat 26, 2006

After Sun Tour

(This post is a continuation from "Going to Sun" )

There is not much really to tell about the tour. Most of the presentations were boring and had out of scope topics. We had a company tour, which was mostly like next-generation-technologies demo. I can say it was exciting and inspiring. From the "field trip", I get a rough idea about what "Sun" is thinking about the future of computing. I can summarize some of the basic points as:
  • Software is going to be free (and opensource?) for all users.
  • Network will expand tremendously, but the end-user interfaces on the edges of the network will be some kind of simple, less power consuming, easy to maintain (and cool!) devices. Complexity will go inside the network.
  • Anything, not connected on the network does not have a bright feture. (ipod??)
  • Power consumption will be the one of the most critical aspect of the designs.
I do not want to go into details, which are not that important or interesting. But I'd like to mention some interesting moments.
  • When we are having our lunch in the conference room, a guy entered the room. Nobody knows who he is. I may be exaggerating a bit, but he looks like some service worker, who does not know anything about what is really going around. He started talking about, why we should chose Sun, he gave some simple examples etc. He was speaking intelligent enough, talking about some really interesting stuff. But nobody really cared who he is. He was a person, just passing around. When he was leaving the room, he said if we want to ask sth. we can send an e-mail to him. Everybody was like, "yeah, sure I will". Then he gave his e-mail address "C_E_O at sun dot com"... [No comment!]
  • There was a some kind important meeting going on, there were some ppl from press. And obviously there was a big cake with company name and logo over it. They also served us, and some photographers shoot our photo. May be, I am going to have a picture in a tech-magazine, who knows. [Internal Sound - I know. Don't worry you won't have a picture in a magazine!]
  • Listening a some really important guy (even without knowing who he is!) gives you so much intuition. It feel really enthusiastic about knowing what he thinks about future of networking, computing, software etc... He also talked some about what to do after college. Which is really a hot topic for me nowadays.

These are all important & interesting points for me from the tour. I hope you like them too.

Have a nice weekend :)

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