Pazar, Şubat 05, 2006

To Friendship...

I have lots of things to speak about, as if I was waiting for this moment for years...

It's kind of a bit different feeling to have new friends *instantly*. I normally can't make new friends easily. However, under these circumstances everything becomes easy.

Everybody is new to here and none of them has a solid social cycle for 10+ years in this small place. And transition time required for a friendship is shorter than anything else.

In Ankara, I don't need new friends, so may be that's why I am hanging out with same ppl for long years. (Definitely I am not remorseful about that. I spent most cheerful years of my life with them.) However, here I am considering each person I recently met, as a potential new friend.

Having new friends, with different backgrounds (I mean *really* different in all terms) is funny. You have so much to talk about. Every subject is new, every sentence has new openings.

It may sound a bit strange, but what I think is, being good friends does not necessarily needs long time. You can become friends instantly, lightning fast. And then you will have a life-long experience with those people, which is hopefully not that fast.

Especially, I want to thank you H. for not leaving me alone, when I really need support. I am grateful to you, and it is so much fun to talk with you. And sincerely I wish you all the best. Thanks again.

Have a nice weekend.

PS: I want to use my chance and thank to all my friends, for all their support. Not only for this limited time of 6 months but for all the years we left behind.

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Adsız dedi ki...

you're such a great person to talk to and a super cool friend to drink with. i'm grateful to have met you! i sure hope we'll keep our friendship going. :)

don't worry about things too much. this world is messed up anyway.

- h