Çarşamba, Şubat 22, 2006

How to Buy a new Digital Camera and Fate

It is now 4 months passed since I decided to buy a new digital camera. Definitely I am not good at giving quick decision. (In this story I really paid for it, 4 months full of memories had gone off without a trace.)

Recently, I decided I have to do sth. , immediately before everything gone with the wind.

After a short period of investigation (i.e. finalizing my decisions of what I need, generating performance vs price graphs including various models and brands... [kidding!] ) I came up with two models.

A point & shoot model ( Canon SD550 ) and a high-end digital model ( Canon S2 IS ). Do not ask me why Canon. I only looked for Canon, Nikon and Sony models. I do not think brands other than Canon and Nikon use good enough lenses. Sony offers expensive and cool models but without enough technical capabilities.

These two models have nearly the same price tag. (They are under $400 models and they are literally just under that :) )

What is good about a point & shoot models are they are light-weight. You can carry them in your pocket. You can catch all the funny moments.

And pros of the high-end models you can play with them, manipulate your photos with them. Their manual modes offer too much. You can start with p&s photography, and when you get bored of that thing, you can officially give your amateur-photography skills a chance.

One other good thing about, Canon S2 IS is, it looks like my old analog Zenit machine. ( Russian made machine before 90's. I did not even get one good photo with it. All the things over it was written in Russian, and without correct settings, it was impossible to get good results. It was my bad actually, I knew it was a very good machine)

My Fate Is Changing...

[Feb. 20] I am checking the Amazon.com, and try to decide on one of the models. I am bouncing from one side to the other side.

[Feb. 21] Canon, announces more than 10 models including next generation Canon S3 IS and... Immediately prices of the cameras goes down by about 15%. This is not the moment for losing time anymore, my fate is trying to tell me sth. Yes, I finally decided!

I ordered my new Canon S2 IS today, I hope, I will get it before March :). Wait for me beautiful sceneries and mountains...We are coming...

Coming Soon

Maybe I cannot write a review on this machine after I get it. Better I can start reading on amateur photography (focus, ISO, shutter speed etc.) and write on them. Visit this page, some time later in two weeks time and you will see.

See you later.

PS: This note is intended for ppl, thinking that I am believing in fate too much that even I let it control my life. No! There are some results, some outcomes which are so absurd that I cannot find a really good analytical reason. I simply say it is fate and keep going. Not because I believe in fate that much, but I believe thinking about those things does not help any more.

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