Perşembe, Şubat 23, 2006

Going to Sun.

Subject of the mail I received was : "Congratulations! You won a spot on the Sun Tour!" . [Is not it a bit far way to the earth and kind of warm for a normal human being...kidding.] They seem to be too much enthusiastic about it, as if I won the Grand Lottery. But it is still good, at least I won sth.

I do not exactly remember, when I entered the draw. Anyway, who cares... A rand() function worked, and I received this e-mail. I believe I am receiving too much e-mails after some rand() function runs. (If this last sentence does not make any sense to you please ignore it, intended audience of that sentence is only me.)

This tour also includes a lunch with Stanford alumni. I definitely want to meet with some of those ppl. I really wonder what they are doing, how is life after school etc.

Maybe I can meet some ppl working on Java, Solaris etc. It is funny though, to see some real people working on those software. Relation between a software and a man... After developing software in Java for five years, I am going to see ppl who actually developed it. Marvelous, is not it?

Or, even I can meet with Duke (mascot of Java) too. He also have a blog too. Yes, I intentionally call him as 'he' not 'it'.

To be continued...

(I am going to edit this article or add a new one after the tour.)

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Ir77 dedi ki...

Do you dislike Java, because you were spending last few nights working on the project? (poor girl)

Anyway, give Java a chance, it is fun. :)

Adsız dedi ki...

yes. also because it has really messed up conventions. hard to explain, so have to tell you later. hehe.

- esquif