Salı, Mayıs 02, 2006

More Google For Me!

I recently find out that Google offers a personalized homepage. (

It allows you to modify your Google homepage as you wish. The beauty of the system is there are infinitely many modules to use (including 3rd party modules). You can add whatever you like to your page.

Now, my personalized home page allows me to read some RSS feeds (some of my favorite blogs and newspapers). I can see a summary of my GMail inbox. There is a calendar, which works synchronously with my Google Calendar. I have a quick e-mail sending module. My daily horoscope is always there :). I also added a Wikipedia search tool under my Google Search... Yes, if someone sends me a Google Talk message, I can easily respond it. Did I mention about my post-its?

Google is so huge, it offers so many tools and now I can integrate all in one page. I wish I could add more modules w/o slowing down it so much.

Try it, I am sure you will love it. And if you like, you may also add RSS of my blog to your homepage (or to your Google Reader, whichever you like.). Simplest way to do so is to use the link on the side bar.

Google, I don't know are you evil or not but thanks for simplifying my life.

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