Perşembe, Nisan 27, 2006


Yet I learnt one more thing about people. It is hard to formulate, but let's try it.

If someone thinks most of the people are weak in some aspect, probably he has a suspicion that he has a weakness.

Well, this does not seem to work. Let me try to explain with examples,

Say Alice thinks that everybody on this earth is a liar. She is probably a liar. Since we people think that everybody resembles each other, she thinks other people are liars also. She does not trust anyone because she is not trustworthy but she is not aware of this.

Or, say Bob is a real paranoid. He is probably thinking that everyone is also a paranoid and they are working for his failure. ( People who are not paranoids are not people actually. They are out of this world. Mulder, who is the only normal guy that Bob knows, is working on them. And "truth is out there, somewhere", even though Scully does not thinks so. ??? )

(off-the-record geek, in cryptography related texts parties trying to communicate with each other securely are named Bob and Alice. They are both nice people indeed. Neither Alice is a liar, nor Bob is a paranoid. Maybe, they should change the names in the books with Scully and Mulder and let Bob and Alice enjoy the spring instead of working for crypto textbooks as dummies)

I hope you get the point. Because I do not think I can explain it better. I know it is not crystal clear....


(This one turned out to be one of my stupidest posts. I decided stop this torment right now. Thanks for being nice and reading up to this point. Have a nice weekend! :) )

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