Cuma, Ağustos 17, 2007

Saying goodbye to my dear email address

I currently have more than 15 email addresses. But how many of them I use daily, only a few. The ones I check daily are only 3 (now 2), weekly 4, irregulary 3, never 5-10 or more?? :)

I lost one of my email addreses. :( The one I used to check every 5 mins. I was thinking that I was more accesible with email rather than a phone. And what happened, my account is just closed down. I hope you are not naive enough to think I dropped it in the street. :p

Instutional emails last as long as you are there. They are not for free. (Remember, there is no free lunch!) I guess this is the problem with these kind of domains. It is better to use some free web service instead of an email connected to some instution. (Big news, Hotmail will be offering 5GB service soon. If you are one of their old customers like me I am sure you will be very happy 2MB->25MB->250MB->1GB->2GB->5GB! Sounds good...)

Smartly I was aware of the fact that one day it would be closed. Because of that I have not used it too widely, out of that network.

Anyway, bad news comes like 3 months before account closing date. They told me they will close it soon, I would better forward my emails. (Of course, even forwarding does not work after my account closed. Should I still call it my (: ). I have not done anything until last week. Finally I have send my contacts my new email address. (Actually my oldest email address, my dear Hotmail address.)

Well, I think if you read it does not sound like a sad story but it is sad for me. Show some respect to my pain :p.

For those of you, who always looks for something significant to read. Moral of the story is, losing an email address is not the end of life. Go get free email address and enjoy your new happy life. And you will get much less spam email in an introductory period of ~1 month. Sounds like introductory 0% APR :D. And the best part is you do not even have to pay me for my advices... :)

PS: Farewell my dear

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