Perşembe, Ağustos 16, 2007

Free Licensed Software!!

Anybody does not like the idea in the title? They do not need read further but for everybody else...

I have found out a totally new way of advertising non-free software. I think which is far better than shareware, trialware, crippleware etc. for the end user.

First check this site out, I am sure you would grab the concept fairly quick. But assuming that most of you would be lazy, here what it is.

They publish one software everyday and you can download and install it during that day. (They have an activation mechanism to check for the time.) The software could be anything but something normally sold for real money. Of course you are not getting any support or upgrades but you are getting the full version in a perfectly legal way.

So, what is the deal? Why a software maker would like to freely give away her program? What is the limitation? Limitation is 24 hours. After 24 hours you are no longer able to install the program. If you uninstall, your system crashes, you change your computer etc. you cannot install it for free again. In that case you go and buy. Or maybe you like the program so much you would like to buy some other titles from the same programmer. It is mutually beneficial as you can see. Thinking that, you are getting the software for free and you do need to uninstall.

They publish "free" games also, on weekends. If you want to spend some time on weekend you can give them a try. (I already tried Ice Cream Tycoon. It proved that I cannot even manage the smallest business! :( )

I hope you enjoy it. And here you can check what they give out today :

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