Cumartesi, Haziran 24, 2006


I am not watching TV anymore...YouTube takes its places for me, for the last couple of weeks.

I am sure you know the website YouTube. At first I was using it to find some video clips and etc, now I am regularly watching some channels. It is incredible that, average person on the street with a poor web cam has a chance to publish his own videos. Quality is not good, content is not creative or entertaining most of times but I still watch them. Why? Because they are different.

"Different" is the keyword shaping our new internet experience. It all started with blogs. Why do you read blogs? Content is poor in comparison to a newspaper. They are not updated so often. They all have the same look and feel, no originality. Why then? Because they are different. Different in an amateur sense.

A picture is a worth thousand words. So what about a video...

Video Blogs may be the next generation of blogs. They may turn into a bigger thing indeed. For instance Brookers, who has more than 7000 subscribers, get an offer from a big TV network.

One important thing to learn is media is not centralized any more. You do not need lots of employees and great amount of capital to be famous and/or important. Big media networks are facing with this, and starting their own blogs. There is a great market out there which I prefer to call "decentralized media network". Blogs, podcasts and now video blogs. Though, none of them is more popular than their predecessors newspapers, radio stations and TV, one day they will be.

I am not sure, how copyright issues will be resolved in this environment. In terms of personal publications (like this blog) owners can set their own rules, but by publishing in a such a free space they are in general supposed let their own work distributed freely. They may require it to be distributed as is, without changes but I am not sure how this is going to be satisfied. Other issue is people publishing others copyrighted "commercial" works. Such as people publishing video clips. You can find any clip with lots of variations event with some live performances on youtube. I do not know how copyright issues are handled and I do not think there is any action at least for the time being.

What about my favorites on youtube. Well, in general I like cutiemish. I think she is funny. And, a fast(!) version of pump it which recently become popular is also good. There are lots of other good stuff. Don't forget to let me know if you find sth. really good.

Thank you for watching and see you soon. :)

PS: Do you think that most of the publisher also have a myspace account is a coincidence? Personalized publishing is approaching bam bam bam...

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Ir77 dedi ki...

Ozan, bu super bir site, her sey var. TV 'den de eglenceli.

Bu kadar son kullanıcının eline güç veren bir şey olunca her şeyin "politically correct" olmasını beklemek de olmuyor. Bizimkiler de aslında daha fazla video ile yanıt verseler daha çok ses getirirler.