Pazartesi, Haziran 19, 2006

Simply 6

Are you looking for a password? Then, you would better look around. This is like a game, say a puzzle. You will not reveal any secrets at the end but it is still fun to play. Caesar may help you find where to look for a square? Everything you need is here on this post. Neither a big nor a real challenge is this. However it was a big deal for me to prepare it. Final hint, minimum sentence length is six, I would say you better consider this. Now it is time for secrets to reveal.

I would read carefully if I were you, from now on. You get it right, I am not busy nowadays and preparing puzzles for you my dear readers. Read again and look for more, if you cannot figure out what is this at the end. This step will let only worthy ones to move on next. All you need is an open mind, open eyes may also help though. For your convenience lots of redundancy is added appropriately, use them! Acrostic is an important thing to know, in order to decipher this correctly. I guess that is enough here comes the first part. May the force be with you!


  1. Starting from this point, do not look for keys, codes, hints or etc. This portion is just to give a general idea.
  2. This is a simple treasure hunt style game. You have to find keys to move on next steps.
  3. At the end, nothing real waits for you, your only compensation is the fun you have while solving this puzzle.
  4. Do not ask me about new hints or the answer. I will give the answer in 4 weeks time.
  5. I may update, this faq portion from time to time.

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